Welcome To Bangalore Media Foundation

Bangalore Media Foundation , was established in September 2012 with a sole intent that this Non Profit Trust would further the cause of Ethical Journalism in various ways. In the last two years , the Bangalore Media Foundation has been able to serve its purpose by being a catalyst in the direction. Headed by Vijay Grover, a journalist with over 18 years experience in Television and Print media . Vijay Grover, moved on from active television reporting recently and is now looking forward to sharing the experience of nearly two decades with Media houses, Educational institutions, fellow media professionals and with journalism and media students.

Bangalore Media Foundation has to its credit, the establishment of the Rotary-BMF awards 2013 which were a milestone in recognizing the achievements of several successful and talented journalists in various areas and language spectrums.

Bangalore Media Foundation has also initiated several exposure platforms for media professionals in the fields of photography, scripting and short film making. In the years to come, Bangalore Media Foundation proposes to take forward the mission of "Skill Enhancement" by partnering with various Educational Institutions and Media Houses

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